gallery two | Exodus Series of Paintings

The Exodus series paintings are concerned with the experience of higher awareness and spiritual revelation that results from the movement of peoples throughout the world. In these powerful paintings we see groups of seemingly displaced and anonymous peoples moving though landscapes that are hauntingly familiar and yet foreign at the same time. The landscapes seem to be moving and changing along with the journey the assembled groups or tribes of people seem to be undertaking. Although the urban, rural and lunar geographies change, the paintings imply that the collective immigrant and migratory experience leads to a better place. As the title of the paintings Exodus refers to the biblical reference, the works portray an age-old story replaying itself throughout the millennia and still happening today.

The paintings also work on a metaphysical level as the abstract landscapes distort dimension and perspective. The small figures within the paintings are adrift in much larger worlds evoking physical movement of atoms within molecules or data migrating between formats. These highly charged images have a distinct character of purpose and meaning that is elegantly portrayed with heavy impasto and layers of mixed media.

“These works deal with persecution and human rights violations that create refugees in underdeveloped countries, as well as legal and illegal immigrants moving in search of work, food and shelter in developed countries.” An immigrant myself, the works provide insight into my personal story of an established artist who is very much enjoying the journey.

These paintings are a continuation of my traditional expressionistic style that combines works of strong color, brush and texture with meaningful messages of spiritual and social matters. I have been mining this vein for the last 25 years in New York, exhibiting throughout the metro region and in my native homeland of Spain. Maria Lago Studio 502 in Beacon, NY has been my working studio and exhibit space since the spring of 2011.

Maria Lago is an accomplished artist whose work has featured prominently in private collections, museums and galleries in Europe and the United States.