Editorials of Nancy Roof

The Emerging New Story

Spring | Summer 2014

Dear Friends,

This was another one of those times that I had to wait. Waiting until two days before deadline to be inspired can be somewhat distressing, but I have learned to wait in silence until inspiration emerges. Last week I received a video of an “Emergent Universe Oratorio” and found myself immersed in an inspiring synergy of the arts that told the story of the universe in music, poetry and painting—performed in Vermont in September 2013.1 I jotted down memorable words that spoke to me and looked at them every day, not knowing that they were part of the theme that I was waiting to emerge.

How then shall we live?
Once we hear the story
Once we sing the song of the universe.
How then shall we live?

Next came an email with “A New Story for a New Economy: To Find Our Human Place in a Living Universe” by David Korten.2 My mind began racing with excitement as my heart was still singing with the music of the universe. Mind and heart both said, “This is it!”

In his brilliant essay that will be published in book form in 2015, David gives us an evolving guiding story for our future that brings renewed hope, meaning and purpose—an articulation of the new paradigm that we are all searching for.

“Our essential current need as a species is to reorganize around a new culture
and new institutions grounded in living-system values and design principles
that bring us into alignment with nature and Creation’s divine purpose.”

A beautiful articulation of all that Kosmos Journal stands for!

David tells us how our old stories about separation, alienation and fear no longer serve us or are partial at best—a Distant Patriarch all-powerful male God separate from us in Heaven; The Grand Machine, the scientific view of a mechanistic universe, separating humans from nature; Mystical Unity teaching detachment rather than engagement and not addressing institutional sources of violence; treating money and markets as sacred while defining wealth and the good life in monetary terms.

The new story David describes is about redefining the context in which we live. We are “living beings who survive and thrive only as members of a healthy Earth Community in a dynamic, evolving, Living Universe.”

New scientific discoveries (that the subjective experiences of mystics have long affirmed) reveal a dynamic, living universe with which we can connect. The traditional scientific mechanistic view of a dead universe has led to environmental destruction, alienation and despair. In contrast, a living universe is full of hope, communion and the promise of higher capacities and discoveries as our journey gradually reveals the 95.9% of the universe that is presently unknown to us.

The New Story is about belonging, communing, cooperating, caring and sharing. It is about aligning with divine purpose and learning and listening to Nature as our teacher. It is about all of us as agents of the whole Kosmos, working together to make choices that align with purpose, generate life, and take responsibility for the integral functioning of the whole.

The wonder and beauty of a purposeful life becomes the supreme value of the New Story. We are living within an alive, evolving, purposeful universe with a community of diverse life forms on Sacred Mother Earth whom we depend on for love and care.

The New Story describes Earth as a living superorganism—“a self-organizing, self-regulating, continuously adapting, evolving community of life on whose health and well-being our own health and well-being depend—now and forevermore. Indeed, we must look to the structures and processes of Earth’s community of life as a model for the living human economy to which we must now transition.”

How then shall we live?
Once we hear the New Story
Once we dance the song of Life
How then shall we live?

Then the third piece came, filling my senses with beauty. A TED talk appeared in my email yesterday by Louie Schwartzberg, “Hidden Miracles of the Natural World.”3 It turned out to be a thrilling presentation of LIFE in motion—about living processes of nature that are invisible to the naked eye, because they are too slow or too fast, too small or too vast for human sight.

How little we know. How little we see.

How then shall we live?

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2 www.yesmagazine.org/happiness/a-new-story-for-a-new-economy
3 www.ted.com/talks/louie_schwartzberg_hidden_miracles_of_the_natural_world