Global Ambassadors

A Kosmos Seminar in Bolivia | Toward Global Citizenship

We’ve asked ourselves many times: what can we do to help others? We live in a complicated country that’s going through powerful changes. One day, a Kosmos Journal came in my mail. I was delighted with its beauty and special literature, and felt my soul joyfully resonating with the people who wrote it. “This is the answer!” I said to myself. After asking permission from Kosmos, I started translating some articles for our small journal, “Faro de Luz.” I knew I had to share all this wonderful information with other Spanish-speaking people. 

Later on we had the idea of offering a Kosmos Seminar. We chose Kosmos because it gives us an orderly way to learn about global matters as well as science, education, finances, philosophy and more. It helps us build a new consciousness and put into practice things we have been studying for a long time. It inspires and urges us to go forward one step at a time. 

We invited people from several different cities and communities of Bolivia and asked them to choose one article from the Journal to talk about. 

We held the seminar in a Catholic nuns’ retirement home during a July weekend. Soon the hallways were filled with happy hellos and great expectations for a very special seminar. After meditation, our meeting started and different ideas began to flow. The first talk was about ‘Science and Spirituality in the Global Era.’ It had to do with quantum physics, the Zero-Point Field, the ‘informed’ universe and that we are all connected and a part of a vital, living Kosmos. This made it easier for the talks that followed, on the economy, the cre- ation of a new civilization, spirituality and education in the global era. The articles were new to many of the people who were there, even to some of the speakers. Many eyebrows were lifted as they found a new way to see the world. 

Up to that point, our main effort had focused on self-mastery and self-awareness. Kosmos totally opened new possibilities for us. Our focus towards our surroundings and ourselves expanded to include a more panoramic view. It woke us up to our responsibility towards the Earth and to humanity. It was a way to apply all that we were learning in a greater service. 

Our first attempt of a Kosmos Seminar was probably a bit clumsy. Maybe we didn’t reach the depths we could have if this literature had been more familiar to us. But it is a beginning. 

During the seminar we could hear people discussing the possibility of becoming a Global Citizen, about the new global psychology, about synergy, about spirituality and science, and the need for a change in our own consciousness if we want to change the world. 

Rudolf Schneider, from the Institute of Planetary Synthesis in Geneva was also with us. He talked about the importance of values in all our undertakings. Then he spoke about the important role the United Nations plays and its impact on a global scale. His talk complimented our Kosmos discussions so well that it was like finding the right piece of a puzzle. 

People from other cities told us that this seminar was like removing veils from their eyes. It was a whole new way of seeing things. They also felt an urge to do something, to make changes in themselves and their environment. The phrase ‘think global, act local’ would not leave their minds. 

I mentioned the word ‘clumsy’ before, and so it was. Perhaps we should have discussed and reflected on fewer articles, instead of experiencing such a huge flow of information. Perhaps we should have planned for longer group discussions. But this is just the beginning. We have already contacted more people from different cities for our next phase and we will start working as groups to develop workshops and participate in discussions about Kosmos

It’s amazing how people from different parts of the world are so concerned with this great change we are undergoing. In our spiritual studies from Alice Bailey’s books, we have read so much about the New Group of World Servers (NGWS). Reading the Kosmos Journals, we find these world servers in action: 

“There are scientists who are giving all they have to scientific ability and knowledge to the service of humanity… there are men of financial stature, who regard money as a responsibility to be dispensed wisely in the service of others… there are educators, preoccupied with the wise formulations of knowledge and with an encyclopedic understanding of garnered wisdom of the ages… there are religious leaders who are not tied or handicapped by the form; the spirit of light is in them, and they intelligently love their fellow men. All of these people, if they are members of NGWS, must inevitably be reflecting thinkers, must have creative objectives, must be truly intelligent, and must have added expanding love to their intelligence.” (Discipleship in the New Age, Vol. II, pp. 202-5) 

The Kosmos Spring/Summer Issue of 2008 is an inspiration to all of us. We will start working with many groups from different parts of Bolivia to discuss these articles and ideas. We will work with col- lective intelligence, stimulating people to expand their views to include a global perspective. If a number of groups in different parts of the world start working with a Kosmos-vision, we are sure we will be rendering great benefit to our nation and our planet.